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Captain Cook - Obsession and DIscovery. A new 4 part documentary starting on ABC TV on Sunday 28 October 2007 at 7.30 pm. This documentary will be reviewed on this site later this week

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This page last updated on 23 October 2007


The Forums are back on-line. They had been removed until Spam protection could be found. All previous postings could not be saved so the forums are fresh and new.

The HistoryAustralia/Ozgenie Research Historic Photographic Collections are now on-line. Click here to go to the Photographic Collections

HistoryAustralia is now hosted on its own server so that the site will no longer carry unwanted banner ads.

Work is continuing on reformatting and bringing up-to-date the IFHAA pages.




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 The Internet Family History Association of Australia (IFHAA) was founded on 1 January 1999 and is hosted on HistoryAustralia. The IFHAA pages are a collection of articles and other information submitted by members and cover many aspects of Australian family history research. Also included in the IFHAA pages are details, and links to, useful family history resources on the web.

The IFHAA pages are being progressively rewritten and reloaded after having been taken off-line due to recent spamming and hacker activities. As a result some of the pages may not be immediately available. If you receive an email purporting to be from HistoryAustralia or the IFHAA and asking you to click on a link to confirm your registration details please do not click the link as it will only verify to spammers that your email address is a valid one. Delete the email immediately.The only verification emails we would send is if you submitted a page for inclusion on this site. This would include the details that you submitted and advising of a non-public link to the page. Once you have confirmed the details are correct the page or information would then be linked to the site for public access.

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ozgenie logoOzgenie Research manages and supports the HistoryAustralia web site for the benefit of genealogical and historical researchers with an interest in Australian Family, Local and Applied history. Ozgenie Research also offers research services into the collection of the Public Record Office Victoria, the National Archives (Melbourne) and the Victorian State Library collection. Also available through the Ozgenie Research site  will be genealogical supplies such as forms and charts,CD resource material and other genealogical and historical research tools and tips.

This site takes considerable time and effort to maintain and is available free of charge to all. Site hosting alone costs a considerable amount per year. If you would like to sponsor the IFHAA you can make a donation toward site costs by clicking on the following button.

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These sponsors have provided valuable assistance to the IFHAA during its formation and growth. The IFHAA is totally independent and we would like to thank our sponsors for their assistance. Click on the respective logo to go to the sponsors pages. All sponsors of the IFHAA will be acknowledged on the Sponsorship page. Sponsors may choose to sponsor a particular page or section of the IFHAA or HistoryAustralia site.

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