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IFHAA Cemetery Transcripts 
St. Patrick's Parramatta Roman Catholic Burials
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ISACKS Catherine 1 September 1846, Parramatta. 31y
JACKSON James 21 December 1840, Parramatta, Bond. 40y
JACKSON John Henry Grose Street Parramatta. 8m
JACKY Jacky 20 November 1842, Factory. 6y
JENKIN John 14 October 1878, Erysipelas Hospital. 67y
JENKINS Mary 19 May 1866, Parramatta. 1m
JENKINS Charlotte 7 January 1871, Parramatta Lunatic Asylum. ?
JOHNSON James 13 February 1840, Parramatta, ? 28y
JOHNSON Catherine 3 May 1840, Parramatta, Bond. 18y
JOHNSON Mary 17 November 1842, Factory Parramatta, Bond. 43y
JOHNSON Mary 12 January 1848, General Hospital. ?
JOHNSON ? 1 February 1860, Parramatta Orphan School. 14y
JOHNSON Michael 24 September 1870. ?
JONES Elizabeth 27 January 1841, Parramatta Bond. 52y
JONES John 14 October 1839, Seven Hills, Free. 16y
JONES Mary Anne 1842, Baby. ?
JONES George 11 July 1845, Hospital. 30y
JONES Julia 21 May 1853, Parramatta. 50y
JONES Eliza 2 March 1863, Catholic Orphan School. 9y
JONES Grace 8 February 1876, Baulkham Hills. 2y 9m
JORDEN Mary 16 September 1846, Parramatta, Free. 38y
JOSTOL Samuel 11 August 1877, Poor House. 76y

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