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IFHAA Cemetery Transcripts 
St. Patrick's Parramatta Roman Catholic Burials
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NAGLE Thomas 12 July 1854, Parramatta. 8d
NAGLE James 12 January 1863, Benevolent Asylum. 30y
NAGLE Mary 21 October 1878, Parramatta. 19y
NARIN William Patrick 20 March 1853, Parramatta. 15d
NAUGHTEN Honorah 13 March 1852, Parramatta. 63d
NAUGHTON Rose 12 March 1850, Parramatta. 13w
NEALAN Margaret 21 July 1857, Hospital Parramatta. 21y
NEATE Mary Bridget 11 May 1865, Parramatta 25y
NEILAN Patrick 30 March 1876, Prospect. 59y
NEILSON Ada 19 May 1876, Prospect. 8y
NELLIGAN David 4 January 1884, Prospect. 36y
NELSON Brothers 10 & 12 December 1865, Orphanage & Parramatta Lunatic Asylum. ? & 3y
NELSON Charles 3 July 1877, O'Connell Street, Parramatta. 70y
NEVILL Richard 22 February 1863, Parramatta Lunatic Asylum. 50y
NEVILLE Margaret 17 March 1861, Parramatta, Born in the Colony. 7m
NEVILLE Catherine 15 January 1880, Grose Street Parramatta. 49y
NEVIN William 8 December 1852, Parramatta. 32y
NEWBOLT Margaret 16 January 1850, Canterbury. 50y
NEWMAN Thomas 27 May 1843, Parramatta, Labourer. 72y
NEWTON Mary Ann 6 September 1852, R/C Orphan School. 15y
NICHOLSON Peter 20 December 1859, Parramatta Lunatic Asylum. ?
NICOLE Madame 22 February 1862, Parramatta. ?
NOBLE Letitia 2 June 1840, Parramatta, Bond. 24y
NOLAN Harriet 19 February 1851, Parramatta. 15d
NOLAN John 17 December 1855, Gaol, Parramatta. 50y
NOONAN William 5 December 1874, Poor House. 90y
NOONAN Edward June 1878, Erysipelas Hospital. 37y
NORTEN Mary A. 14 March 1849, Prospect. 35d
NORTON Thomas 7 December 1855, Parramatta. 27m
NOWLAN Mary 22 January 1841, Parramatta, Bond. 40y
NOWLAN Patrick 17 July 1857, Hospital Parramatta. 46y
NOWLAN John 19 October 1862, Lunatic Asylum. 59y
NOYLE (?) Thomas 23 August 1848, Factory, Invalide (sic). 40y

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