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IFHAA Cemetery Transcripts 
St. Patrick's Parramatta Roman Catholic Burials
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PARKER Mary 11 December 1850, Parramatta. 23y
PARLINGTON Ellen 6 August 1841, General Hospital, Bond. 18y
PARLINGTON William 14 October 1841, General Hospital, Native. 10m
PARNELL Ellen 22 December 1852, Parramatta. 18m
PARNELL Mary 26 May 1855, Field of Mars. 10y
PATRICK Michael 13 August 1851, Orphan School. 4y
PEACE William 10 October 1854, Parramatta. 1m
PENTLEY John 23 April 1843, Hospital, Bond. 49y
PERROTT Joseph 3 May 1878, Lunatic Asylum. 48y
PETER Black 12 October 1864, Jail, Parramatta.  
PETERS Robert 18 November 1850, Parramatta. 6y 6m
PEYTON Thomas 12 June 1874, Poor House.  
PHILLIPS Charles 5 March 1852, R/C Orphan School. 6y
PIERCE Ellen 16 June 1856, South Colo. 70y
PIETRO Terri 12 August 1876, Parramatta Lunatic Asylum. 44y
PIKE Alfred 10 February 1856, Prospect. 8y
PIKE James 8 December 1857, Parramatta. 23y
PIKE Anastasia 19 February 1862, Parramatta. 60y
PILLEN Patrick 2 June 1861, Lane Cove. 78y
PIPER Neva  R. C. 16 November 1880, Parramatta. 2y
PIPER Ellen M. 16 July 1881, Parramatta. 37y
PLUNKETT Ellen 17 January 1850, Parramatta. 23y
PLUNKETT Anne 7 August 1877, Richd. Terrace, Sydney. 69y
PODESTA Stephen 23 December 1881, Parramatta. 53y
POGSON Mary 3 February 1879, Castle Hill. 62y
POLLARD Mary Anne 28 October 1864, South Colo. 34y
POLLARD Thomas 28 October 1864, South Colo, Son of Mary Anne Pollard. 13m
POLLARD Thomas 22 October 1864, Lane Cove. 1y
POOR Margaret 25 May 1854, Parramatta. 39y
PORTER Elizabeth 27 April 1852, Pennant Hills. 9y
PORTER Henry 1 March 1854, Parramatta. 22y
PORTER Mary 22 November 1862, Parramatta Infirmary. 74y
PORTER Ellen 21 October 1879, Colo. 70y
POWER Catherine 28 March 1845, Labourer's Wife. 46y
POWER John 1 June 1847, Parramatta. 30y
POWER Catherine 13 May 1848, Seven Hills. 8m
POWER Anne 15 July 1849, Seven Hills, Native of Colony. 32y
POWER Thomas 23 July 1849, Seven Hills. 11m
POWER Ann 21 September 1849, Seven Hills. 4m
POWER Catherine 18 April 1850, Seven Hills. 32y
POWER Mary 16 February 1854, Parramatta. 3m
POWER Ann 6 April 1858, Dural. 25y
POWER Michael 4 May 1859, Parramatta Lunatic Asylum.  
POWER Ellen Jane 9 June 1860, Pennant Hills. 32y
POWER Edward 15 September 1862, Lunatic Asylum. 71y
POWER Thomas 6 November 1870.  
POWER Elizabeth 26 November 1875, Seven Hills. 76y
POWER Nicholas 13 May 1876, Parramatta Lunatic Asylum. 62y
POWER Thomas 22 January 1879, Local Hospital. 50y
PURCELL Patrick 14 July 1864, Parramatta Lunatic Asylum. 37y
PURCELL Pat 2 October 1865, Parramatta.  

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