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IFHAA Cemetery Transcripts 
St Thomas' Cemetery, Nth Sydney, NSW
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Surname Given Names Date/Inscription Age
ABBOTT Robert Palmer 31 October 1901. 69y
ABBOTT Thomas Kingsmill 2 August 1891. 45y
ADAMS John 6 August 1875, Stoker in H.M.S. Pearl. ?
ADAMS Matilda Armstrong B.23 December 1810, d.8 November 1898, Born Kilroot, Fermanagh, Ireland, died Balmain, Sydney. Wife of Francis Adams. 88y
ADAMS Francis B.28 February 1810, d.13 January 1894. Born Doohat, Fermanagh Ireland, died Balmain, Sydney. Husband of Matilda Armstrong Adams. 84y
ADAMS Randal John B.26 April 1882, d.30 July 1933. Husband of Hilda Adelaide Adams & father of Francis & John Adams. 51y
ADAMS John Lowry B.10 January 1844, d.9 October 1910. Son of Francis & Matilda Admas. Born Sydney, died Derrilee, Military Road North Sydney. 54y
ADAMS Francis B.12 February 1835, d.10 February 1911. Born Doohat, Fermanagh, Ireland, died "Doohat", St. Leonards. 76y
ADAMS Rupert B.18 September 1885, d.15 November 1885. 2m
ADAMSON Thomas 20 May 1876, Husband of Ann Jane. 82y
ADAMSON Ann Jane January 1890, wife of Thomas Adamson. 94y
ADAMSON Robert 13 December 1889. 44y
ADAMSON Eliza 8 June 1892. 46y
ADAMSON George 13 December 1885, Husband of Julia Adamson. 66y
ADAMSON Julia 26 December 1885, Wife of George Adamson. 56y
ADAMSON Lydia Mary 21 March 1859. 10m
ADAMSON James Alfred 26 March 1860. 2y 9m
ADMA? Richard Indecipherable. ?
AGUTTER F. S. Capt. 31 May 1898, Wife of Mary Jane Agutter. 38y
AGUTTER Mary Jane 18 June 1934, Widow of Capt. F. S. Agutter. Interred at Northern Suburbs. ?
AGUTTER Albert Edward 31 October 1918, Died on active service of pneumonia. Buried at Brookwood Cemetery, England. 30y
AGUTTER Frederick Aubrey 27 January 1915, Died on active service, buried at sea. 28y
AIKEN Eliza S. E. 7 November 1878. 78y
AIKEN Edward 27 July 1890. 54y
AIKEN Harry William 12 March 1895, Husband of Anne Aiken. 51y
AIKEN Anne 9 July 1939, Wife of Henry William Aiken. 83y
AIKEN John James 7 July 1879. Husband of Isabella Aiken. 33y
AIKEN Isabella 12 November 1880. Wife of John James Aiken. 32y
AINSWORTH Elizabeth 4 March 1872. 80y
ALCHIN Francis 20 March 1882, Grandfather of Francis Ingram. 40y
ALCHIN Francis B.30 August 1886, d.1 September 1886, Grandson of Francis Ingram. 2d
ALDERTON Mary Anne 21 July 1879. 68y
ALDERTON Henry Baker 5 July 1862, Grandson of Mary Anne Alderton. 8d
ALDERTON Ruth 8 December 1872, Granddaughter of Mary Anne Alderton. 1y 3m
ALDERTON Grace 20 March 1879, Granddaughter of Mary Anne Alderton. 1y 6m
ALDERTON Henry Baker 27 June 1880. 72y
ALEXANDER Marion 28 April 1892, Wife of Stanley de Vere H. Alexander. 32y
ALLEN Robert Kenneth 25 May 1913, Son of Richard Palmer & Amy Eliza Allen. 85y
ALLEN Robert Palmer 24 July 1935, Husband of Amy Eliza Allen. 85y
ALLEN Amy Eliza 20 September 1939, Wife of Robert Palmer Allen. 79y
ALLEN Campbell Palmer 23 September 1955. ?
ALLEYNE Haynes Gibbes 9 September 1882, Son of John Gay & Joanna Alleyne of Barbados. President of the Medical Board of NSW, and for many year Medical Officer of Port Jackson. 68y
AMBROSE Frances E. 12 June1932, Grandmother of Cecil and mother of Emilie Lorking. - interred at Springvale, Victoria. 72y
AMBROSE Alice I. B.6 November 1893, d.18 January 1895. 1y 2m
AMPHLETT Mergellina Jean ?, Grand daughter of Richard Old. ?
AMPHLETT Edward Albert 31 January 1896, Husband of Mary Mergellina Amphlett. 67y
AMPHLETT Mary Mergellina B.11 November 1842, d.25 October 1932, Husband of Edward Albert Amphlett. 90y
AMPHLETT Isa Mary 10 November 1948, Daughter of Edward Albert & Mary Mergelline Amphlett. 77y
ANDERSON Mary 4 November 1863, Wife of Alexander Anderson. 58y
ANDERSON Alexander 20 July 1874, Husband of Mary Anderson, Native of Deeside, Scotland. 78y
ANDERSON Augustus 29 June 1873. 8y
ANDERSON Harry Inglis 25 October 1882, P.M., P.Z., Knt.S.C.. Stone erected by his Masonic Bretheren and companions. 37y
ANDERSON William J., Capt. 22 May 1863. (Lieut. R.N.R.) Ship "British Sovereign." 45y
ANGUS Marion Isabel B.18 November 1903, d.15 December 1903. 1m
ARCHBOLD Mary 1 August 1850, Wife of the late K. G. Archbold of Clanville, Lane Cove. "Mother." 28y
ARCHBOLD Anne 9 September 1911, "Our Mother." 71y
ARCHDALL Charlotte 3 July 1892. 64y
ARCHER Alfred Butterworth 19 August 1896. 36y
ARMSTRONG Ellen H. 25 August 1937. Mother of Ruby Armstrong. ?
ARMSTRONG Ruby 23 January 1884, Daughter of Ellen H. Armstrong. ?
ARMSTRONG John Edward 19 May 1878, Son of John & Katherine Armstrong. 2y 5m
ARMSTRONG Katherine Ann 22 October 1924, Wife of John Armstrong. 73y
ARMSTRONG Ernest Sydney 28 November 1901. 24y
ARMSTRONG John 6 February 1915, Husband of Katherine Armstrong. ?
ARNOTT Robert Smith 17 February 1877, Husband of Eliza. 38y
ARNOTT Eliza 15 February 1880, Wife of Robert Smith Arnott. 38y
ARTHUR Charles 3 June 1889, 2nd son of Frederick & Emma Arthur. 38y
ARTHUR Frederick 18 July 1889, Husband of Emma Arthur. 85y
ARTHUR Emma 17 July 1902, Wife of Frederick Arthur. 88y
ASCHERLING Waldemar 20 January 1907. 14m
AUSTIN Emma Theresa 11 May 1899. Daughter of the late Colonel Edward Austin, Bengal Artillery, and Anna Theresa Austin, his wife, "who after a long and painful illness borne with patience and resignation." 51y

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