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Into History

The three publications in the INTO HISTORY series are:

The Australian Historical Directory (published November 1966) contains in its 164 pages over 4,000 entries arranged by State by name. Entries consist of name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail address, Internet URL, and a short function description. The validation date of contact details is also indicated for entries, where applicable. It includes as a research aid a location index which lists all entry names in post code order. This allows all listed activities and contacts in a geographical area of interest quickly to be identified. As the data in this edition have now aged slightly, it is being offered at the reduced price of $20.00, posted. See bottom of this page for order details.

Guide to the Societies (published March 1967) is 100 pages, and consists of three sections. The first sections contains listings by State of the detailed descriptions of the respondent societies. The description detail includes (where provided) aims and functions of the society, normal activities or services provided, special projects being undertaken, publications produced and their prices, membership criteria and fees, range and type of resource materials held, arrangements for public access to any facilities that the organisation controls, and any other special detail that the organisations wish to have listed. The second and third sections contain title and author listings of monographs published by the included societies. Guide to the Societies is now out of print in this edition; a new edition may be published in 2000. See bottom of this page for order details.

Guide to Publications (published June 1999) is 166 A4 pages and lists 1,347 monograph titles, in both print and microfiche formats. It gives known details of author, contents summary, date published, publisher name, ISBN and price. Separate author listings and publisher contact lists are included. Two other special listings are also provided - a placename index, which lists known placenames and/or locations to which the titles refer, and a title keyword index which indexes all significant words in the titles. A separate serials listing provides names of 656 serials and their publishers. It is available for $30.00, posted. See bottom of this page for order details.

As a special offer, a set of The Australian Historical Directory and Guide to Publications is now available for $45.00, posted.

Pre-payment is required and cheques should be made out to R. S. and A. F. Reid. The address for all orders and correspondence is:

PO Box A64,
NSW 2760

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