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IFHAA Perspectives - Essays on Australian History

All essays are the researched conclusions of their authors. As with any academic work different researchers may reach different conclusions and\or interpretations of the events being written about. To submit an article for inclusion in this Category please email your submission to the IFHAA Coordinator

Australian General
Botany Bay - Why was it chosen for settlement ?

Cathy Dunn

Victorian Costume - How fashions demonstrates differences in life in the Victorian Era

Cathy Dunn

Wedding Customs - A study of Australian Wedding customs

Cathy Dunn

Australian Capital Territory

Where they lived 1910-1959. An essay about the builders of Canberra       
 Note: Large Page (7000 words) may take a minute or so to download with a 28.8 modem.

Ann Gugler

L.H.B. Lasseter - A Letter from Canberra   

Ann Gugler

1927 Sanitation Report about the Canberra Builders Camps

Ann Gugler

New South Wales

The attempted Assassination of Prince Alfred at Clontarf, NSW in 1868 Cathy Dunn
The status of workers in the clothing industries in Colonial New South Wales - specifically Tailors and Shoemakers Scott Brown
William Bligh's 2nd Mutiny - The Rum Rebellion Scott Brown


Bloodshed on the Goldfields - The Eureka Stockade Scott Brown

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