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IFHAA Australian Military Records

There are many excellent sites covering most aspects of Australia's military past already available on the internet. IFHAA will not attempt to duplicate these sites but will instead keep you informed of their current locations and of the appearance of new sites. The IFHAA Roll of Honour and Military Register are unique to this site and open to member contributions.

Roll of Honour The IFHAA Roll of Honour contains details on  men and women who have served in the armed forces and ancillary services during times of military conflict involving Australia.

Military Register The Military Register lists others who have served in military units during peace, and also Australians who left our shores and enlisted in the military forces of another country.

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Military Bibliography

Other Relevant Sites

A History of the Victoria Cross - Contains a searchable list of Australian recipients

This is a photograph of the inside of the dome in the Hall of Remembrance at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. The photograph was taken with the photographer lying on his back on the floor directly beneath the dome. It was taken many years ago, in 1979. The area of the floor on which the photographer lay is now occupied by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier so it is not now possible to recreate the photograph without committing the dishonour of laying on top of the tomb.

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