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IFHAA Shipping Lists, Passenger Indexes and voyage description

This category contains details of ships, their voyage/s and passenger lists where available. While not setting out to duplicate similar sites on the internet some duplication may occur. Where suitable sites or pages have been identified we have linked direct to them. If you would like to submit a passenger list, ship's manifest or any other details regarding shipping to Australia for inclusion on this site then please forward the information to the IFHAA Shipping Lists Coordinator

First Fleet - 1787/88 A description of the voyage of the First Convict Fleet to Australia
Friendship - 1800 The Friendship that arrived in 1800 was not the same ship as the Friendship of 1788. The ship that arrived in 1800 left England with mainly Irish political prisoners. This page was added to the IFHAA site on 1 March 2000 and describes the voyage and listed nearly all the convicts that travelled on her.
Lady Kennaway - 1838 This list is in two parts - The First is the Surgeon's Report & Shipping Agent's Report and the Second Part is the Ship's passenger list. (This list is a large page and may take a while to open)
Maitland - 1838 Page created by Bruce Fairhall - details of the Maitland's voyage and passengers
Nepaul - 1852 A diary account of the voyage of the Nepaul in 1852 from London to Melbourne
Royal Admiral - 1792 Passengers included convicts and free settlers
Second Fleet - 1790 A description of the voyage of Australia's Second Convict Fleet - This Fleet is also referred to as the Death Fleet due to the high mortality rate.

One of the best & most comprehensive Australian Shipping sites is at http://www.users.on.net/proformat/auspass.html

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