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IFHAA Structure

Volunteers are needed to maintain pages on the IFHAA site. If you are interested in being one of our page maintainers please email the IFHAA Coordinator with your details and the name of the section you would like to maintain. Go to the Position Descriptions Page for details on what is required in the vacant roles.

IFHAA Coordinator Scott Brown
Web Masters e-mail")">Cathy Dunn & Scott Brown
Membership Officer Volunteer Needed

Page Maintainers

Member Research Interests Volunteer Needed

Member's Research Project's

Volunteer Needed

Biographies Library Cameron Barth
Local Histories Library Cameron Barth
Cemetery Transcripts Robyn Dixon & Marg Glenn
Certificate Exchange Vaeda von Lieshout
Shipping Lists Volunteer Needed
Military Records - Roll of Honour Volunteer Needed
Military Records - Military Register Volunteer Needed
Military Records - Bibliography Volunteer Needed
Military Records - Addresses Volunteer Needed

Genealogy Links Pages

New South Wales Trish Cassidy
Victoria Robert Legg
Queensland Marion McCreadie
South Australia Volunteer Needed
Tasmania Karlena Lockett
Australian Capital Territory Steve Sanderson
Northern Territory Diana Fitzgerald
Western Australia Noala Degasperis

Mailing List and Message Board Administrators

Australian Genealogy Message Board

Robert Legg

Australian Convicts Message Board

Karlena Lockett

Family Reunion Message Board

Diana Fitzgerald

IFHAA Members Mailing List

Volunteer Needed

IFHAA NewsLetter List

e-mail")">Cathy Dunn

IFHAA NSW New England List

Volunteer Needed

IFHAA NSW South Central List

Volunteer Needed

IFHAA NSW North East List

Pamela Dowling


Newsletter e-mail")">Cathy Dunn
Volunteer Writers still needed. See the
Newsletter page for details on how to submit articles.
Liaison Officer - FH & Gen Societies, Libraries Steve Sanderson & e-mail")">Cathy Dunn
Sponsorship Officer Volunteer Needed
Public Relations Volunteer Needed

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