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This section of the HistoryAustralia site contains collections of photographs that have historic significance to Australia as well as being of interest to researchers of Australian and family history. If you have a historically significant collection of photographs and images that you would like to be made more widely available then please contact us at Ozgenie Research and we would be happy to add them to this category.

There are currently two collections available for viewing through this site.

1. The Barton Collection. This collection consists of 262 images originally contained in three albums. These albums are held by a lady who has familial links to the family of Edmund Barton (Australia's first Prime Minister). The albums are in poor condition and, as a result, the photographs were not removed from the albums during the process of digitising them. All album pages have been digitised in full and then the individual photographs have been digitised seperately. this process shows the photographs in their proper context and order within the albums. Very few of the photographs contained in this collection were identified with the exception of a few that have the word BArton written on the back of them.

One of the albums is dated with an inscription on the front - "To Miss Smith - Passenger per "Hampshire" - from J.M - Feby 1885 at sea". The current owner feels that photographs within the three albums date to from before 1885 (as there are some photographs from England) through to about 1911. All images are watermarked for inclusion on this site and are displayed in a lower resolution than the original digitisation. If you are interested in obtaining higher resolution copies of any of these images please take note of the image file name and email Ozgenie Research. These images will also be included on the Ozgenie Research web store when it goes on-line. If you are able to identify any of the subjects in the photographs we would appreciate it if you could let us know. Use the following link to access these images The Barton Collection

2. The Western Australia Mines Collection. This collection consists of 107 images taken from a collection of glass plate slides originally made for use in Magic Lantern Projectors. These images were all taken around the Western Australian goldfields between the years of 1897 and 1901 by an Adelaide photographer. The digitised copies on this web site are all watermarked and are of a lower resolution than the scanned versions that can be ordered. The digitising was done with a piece of paper between the slides and the light source. This has resulted in some cloudiness to a number of the images (particularly in the sky) because of the grain of the paper showing through. More recent scans were done on a proper light box and will eventually replace the images on the web site. None of these images have previously been published. The slides were saved from being thrown in a rubbish skip during a deceased estate clean up. They were contained in a metal box, made in the early 1900's to market the collection. The box has a hinged lid and was finished in black enamel with the words Western Australia stamped in the lid. Use the following link to access the collection - The WA mines Collection

Last updated - March 20, 2006

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